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Skin Tightening Treatment for a Youthful Self

Have you noticed loose skin that doesn’t seem to bounce back like it used to? As the skin on the face and neck loses elasticity due to age, it can become loose and saggy. Whether your loose skin is caused by weight changes, sun exposure, age, or genetics, Celebrity Secrets has the solution for you – the advanced and organic Skin Tightening Treatment.

Besides organic skin tightening treatment with serums and natural extracts, Celebrity Secrets has the latest and most advanced HIFU for skin tightening. The USFDA approved HIFU(High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) is an absolutely safe procedure which tightens the skin, addresses drooping eyelids, treats folds or saggy skin around nose and on neck, gives a perfect contour to jawline with no recovery time yet giving you natural results.

What are the signs & symptoms of skin loosening?

How is skin tightened with organic products?

At Celebrity Secrets, we have secrets serums which are absolutely organic. We use these serums and natural products for skin tightening.

What is skin tightening treatment with HIFU?

Before we proceed know, HIFU stands for HIGH INTENSITY FOCUSED ULTRASOUND.

The treatment uses high intensity ultrasound to heat the local tissues under the skin and destroy them permanently, without any downtime. This is a 100% sure method for face lifting and to prevent sagging skin.

How does HIFU Skin Tightening Treatment Work?

The magnet used in this plays a major role. It uses tried-and-true ultrasound system. The technology contains Ulthera. By means of Ulthera or Ultherapy; it radiates heat energy into the skin. This non-invasive ultrasound energy generates low heat levels in the targeted area of the skin. The heat produced from the ultrasound reaches the deepest layers of the skin and destroys the damaged tissues forever.

The skin cells are stimulated for production of collagen as well as tissue rejuvenation. With this, the skin has matured starts working hard from retaining its glow, brightness and vibrancy. With the help of heat energy, mature tissues die, sagging and lose skin reduces and patients are gifted with wonderful skin quality, probably the skin they enjoyed in their youth.

How long would the effects last after the treatment?

Depends and may vary from patients to patients as per their skin condition. For few it lasts years and for other, once a year touch-ups are required.

What is skin tightening treatment?

HIFU is the advanced and latest technology for skin tightening without any cuts or scars. At Celebrity Secrets, we use the advanced HIFU Skin Tightening to address the facial and neck loose saggy skin. The monopolar ultrasound technology heats the dermis in a controlled manner consequently producing new skin collagen and remodeling. The treatment immediately tightens the loose skin on face and neck without giving away any signs of the procedure.

HIFU skin tightening treatment gives a youthful look to the face by reducing the jowls and double chin, thus giving a definitive jawline.

​What is facial Skin Tightening with HIFU?

Do you want to tighten your loose facial skin? The sagging face skin makes look one older than their original age and it takes away the confidence too. So tightening facial skin is worth as it brings back your appearance and confidence.

The experts at Celebrity Secrets use HIFU for facial skin tightening. This is approved by USFDA for its safety and efficacy in addressing loose and saggy facial skin issues. The treatment tightens the loose skin on jowl, drooping eye lids, under the eyes and jaw line. The results of HIFU skin tightening treatment are immediate as the procedure of new skin collagen production and increased blood flow is instant.

​Can we have Neck Skin Tightening with HIFU?

The skin folds on neck are unsightly and also give away your age. It is the most delicate part which develops loose skin faster than the face. However, the fact is neck is very delicate and mostly the most neglected part of body.

HIFU skin tightening treatment addresses the saggy and loose skin concern of neck adequately. The monopolar RF energy tightens the skin from inside and one can see visible results immediately after the treatment.

​What are the benefits of Skin Tightening treatment?

Do you want to look young? Nobody will answer “No” to that. The many advantages of skin tightening are:

Clears the fold, creases, and loose skin on the face and neck

Lifts the saggy and loose skin from face and neck effectively

Bid goodbye to fine lines, wrinkles, and even frown lines

Get rid of skin grooves too

Treats visible skin pores

Makes skin smooth by improving the skin texture

Aids to enhance your overall appearance and give a boost to your confidence level


​Is skin tightening treatment safe?

Yes, the treatment is completely safe as the experts at Celebrity Secrets use approved equipment and proven techniques.

​What is the duration of complete treatment procedure?

The skin tightening treatment for face and neck with HIFU takes 40-60 minutes max. Our friendly staff can schedule your treatment for skin tightening at your convenience.

​What areas can be treated with HIFU skin tightening?

The skin tightening treatment can be done face, neck, and also sensitive areas like under eyes, double chin, etc.

​What is the downtime post procedure?

Nothing. Yes, there is no downtime or resting phase post the treatment. However, keeping the skin away from sun, dust, pollution, etc can be useful in long run.

​What can I expect post the first treatment?

Instant skin firmness can be seen. Your skin would be toned and tightened. Some clients may see dramatic results immediately after their first treatment itself while others can see the changes in 15 days or so.

​Are there any post care requirements?

Except for sun protection and rigorous scrubbing banned for few days, there are no other post care requirements after skin tightening treatment with HIFU.

​Are the effects permanent?

One can have visible skin tightening post the first session itself. On an average, 1 to 2 sessions are needed in a year to bring the complete results. Post this, one may require a session or two for maintenance.

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There are many valid reasons why you should choose us to take care of your valuable device

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