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Acne Scar Removal Treatment

You hate pimples. They hurt when they come, and also affect your beautiful face. But that's not it. After they are gone they leave behind a little parting gift: an acne scar. The discolored mark or acne scar stands as proof that you had a pimple, and it is no fun.

A clear blemish free skin makes us confident to face the life with much aplomb. Acne and the scars both make us shy away from social gathering as we become the point of interest and every person we know or not know gives us tips on how to get rid of them. There are times when we succumb to the social pressure and try a few of the said remedies for acne and its scars. Most of the traditional methods are tedious and test our patience for desired results. But, there’s nothing to worry about, at Celebrity Secrets we have the latest techniques, peels, and laser to treat your acne scars.

Why acne scars happen?

Are all acne scars same? What are the different type of acne scars?

No, there are different types of acne scars. They are:

Rolling scars (with gentle rolled up like edges)

Box scars (they have sharp edges)

Ice-pick scars (they are like needle marks which appear like large pits on skin)

Is there any difference between acne scar and acne marks?

Yes, acne scar and acne marks are different. People with darker skin often get post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation in brown color and people with fair skin get reddish marks. These are acne marks and they mix with the same without any edges.

Acne scars have edges. They stand out of skin, either they are deep indentations or they rise above the skin. Most of the times people get “ice pick” scar, which appears deeper.

What is peels acne scar removal treatment?

For minor marks and scars, peels is used. Peels are nothing but medicated solution which when applied on skin, exfoliates the upper skin layer. Within 4-5 days, the top layers of skin peel off and reveal a clear, scar free smooth skin.

What is Pixel laser treatment?

Our doctors at Celebrity Secret use Fractionated Erbium YAG Laser for acne scar treatment. The laser produces intense light pulses which travel at very high speed to remove layers of the skin that have scars, blemishes and pigmentation. They also stimulate the deeper layer of skin to produce more collagen. In layman terms, Pixel laser acne scar treatment peels the outer damaged layer of skin to reveal the soft, smooth, scar free new skin. The highlight point of Pixel laser treatment is that it’s 100% effective, safe and can be done in minutes.

Pixel laser surfacing treatment removes acne scars and also helps in getting rid of fine lines, brown and black spots, broad pores, surgical and traumatic scars. This acne scar treatment is known for making the skin tone even and also gives a glow and brightness to skin.

Pixel treatment has long lasting effect on acne scars. Leading dermatologists recommend it for acne scars like ice pick, boxcar and rolling which appear in different depths.

How many sessions of treatment is needed?

This depends on the scar depth and how much scars you have. An exact count of sessions can be given only after the consultation. However, in most cases, clients see acne scar free smooth face after 4 to 5 sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this acne scar removal treatment be painful?

No, acne scar removal treatment, be it fillers or Pixel laser are not painful. For Pixel laser treatment, we use a numbing cream also to minimize any sensation.

What are the side effects of this acne scar removal treatment?

There are no side effects of acne scar treatment. The only effect is beautiful clear skin.

Do I have to take rest for these acne scar treatment?

No, you can immediately resume your normal daily life after the procedure. However, it would be best to stay away from sun for few days. If required to step out in sun, apply a sunscreen lotion generously.

How quickly will you be able to see results of acne scar treatment?

You can see the effects immediately after the treatment. For peels, the outer skin layer removes in 4 to 5 days.

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There are many valid reasons why you should choose us to take care of your valuable device

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