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Laser Hair Removal – Permanent Solution for Hair Removal on Face & Body

The hair on head is a pride but on face or body may be a cause of embarrassment. We often resort to waxing, hair removal creams, threading the face hair, tweezing etc. to get rid of this unwanted hair. However, the month-on-month visit to salon or doing these at home are taxing. Sitting at the salon, we often think, can I not get removed these forever? How nice it would be to have a permanent solution for these face and body hair?

Revealing the secret - Yes, there’s a permanent solutions and that is the Laser Hair Removal. Face or body hair don’t need to be a hindrance in your life. You can remove them forever with our Laser Hair Removal.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

How laser hair removal destroys hair permanently?

Concentrated beam of laser light is aimed at hair for absorption by the hair pigments and thereby causing the follicle to damage. A damaged hair follicle retards hair growth. The effect of laser hair removal treatment starts showing from first session and may take up to 8 to 10 sessions to get that desired hair free skin. The results can stay for several months to years and may require a touch up session once in a while.

What are the benefits of Laser Hair Removal?

  • The first and foremost benefit of laser hair removal which stands above the rest is the permanent smoothness it offers. It takes just 6 to 10 sessions for getting the desired hair free skin.
  • Laser hair removal at Celebrity Secrets is extremely precise. The USFDA approved laser equipment targets only the unwanted hairs without affecting the skin around.
  • Laser hair removal treatment is fast. It takes only a few minutes to complete a session of body laser hair removal. Do you know it takes just 30 minutes to get rid underarm hair?
  • The cost spent is one time as the effects are permanent. So when compared to traditional methods like shaving, waxing, or hair removal creams, it’s cost effective.
  • Shaving leaves nicks while waxing leaves ingrown hairs – Laser hair removal doesn't leave behind any of these, it just leaves behind smooth hair free skin.

Are there any side effects of Laser Hair Removal?

No, absolutely no. Laser Hair Removal has no side effects, what left is only smooth hair free skin. However, post the procedure you may have mostly pink or red skin, slight swollenness or sometimes itching for 1 hour maximum. All these side effects can be treated with creams available for skin care and as per prescribed by dermatologists.

I have dark skin, can I go for Laser Hair Removal? What are the suitable skin types?

Yes, we do Laser hair Removal for all skin types. The Laser Hair Removal equipment at Celebrity Secrets are next-generation and use the latest technology to remove hair from face and body from all skin color and types.

Do you perform Laser Hair Removal for all body parts?

Yes, Laser Hair Removal can be done for complete face and body. We use our advanced equipment to remove hair from face, upper lip, chin, arms, underarms, chest, abdomen, legs, bikini line, pubic area, buttocks, and back.

Can I opt for Laser Hair Removal?

Do you have hair on face and body? If yes, then you can get Laser hair Removal. However, pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, puberty are some cases where we will advice against Laser hair Removal. This is the stage when body undergoes tremendous hormonal changes.

Do I have to prepare before going for Laser Hair Removal?

So, you've decided to get rid of monthly waxing and the razor and pursue Laser Hair Removal to remove the body and face hair.. You'll love the feeling of smooth soft skin. To get Laser hair Hair Removal, follow this:

Stop waxing and use of hair removal creams atleast 1 month prior.

Shave your hair 1 day before coming for the procedure.

Limit sun exposure

Avoid tanning your skin (real or artificial) and dying, coloring or sun-bleaching your hair.

Discuss with the doctor if you are taking any medications.

For bikini area laser hair removal, clean the bikini area but do not shave unless asked to do so.

Go for a consultation and follow the preparation given by our doctors before the treatment starts.

What exactly happens during the Laser Hair Removal procedure?

After the initial consultation and analysis by our doctor, you would be given the number of sessions required and what to do before coming for the laser Hair Removal.

You should look forward to the below during the actual Laser Hair Removal procedure:

The body part is shaved and a cooling gel is applied.

The doctor sets the Laser Hair Removal equipment as per your body requirement and tolerance level.

The area to be treated is divided into sections by the therapist.

The hand-piece is then gently moved over the targeted area.

You may feel a slight tingling session like rubber band snapping on your skin.

Once the entire area is covered with the hand-piece, the gel is wiped off and you are done!

In case of itching or red skin, a cream is applied to moisturize and cool down the area.

It takes 30 minutes to few hours for completion of the procedure depending on the body part.

How many sessions would be needed to get rid of the hair forever? Who will decide this?

The number of sessions is decided in the first consultation at Celebrity Secrets by our doctor. The number of sessions needed to completely remove the hair varies from person to person, depending on various factors like the age, skin color and type, the amount of hair you have, your hair texture, the hair’s thickness, and also your hormonal balance levels.

In most of the cases, laser hair removal treatment take 6 to 8 sessions.

When can I see a hair free skin?

Laser Hair Removal starts working from first session itself. You’ll see results soon after your first session, when your laser treated hairs fall out and your smooth skin is revealed. In few weeks, your hair will grow back but this time thinner and lighter. This is when second session is planes and the procedure then goes on for few session before the hair growth stops completely.

Do I need to take leave from my job or refrain from house hold activities after the session? Any recovery period?

No, Laser Hair Removal doesn’t have any recovery time. You can immediately start your daily activities after the session completion.

What are the post care instructions involved?

In the case of irritation or tenderness, you can apply a cool compress or the prescribed lotion to the treated area as needed. This would be an excellent way to soothe and cool the skin.

Applying a good-quality moisturizer and sunscreen will also keep the skin hydrated and reduce any skin irritation or redness you may feel.

You can use makeup after a day of the treatment, but you need to ensure that the makeup is of good quality and your skin is not sensitive to that.

You have to wear loose, comfortable cotton clothing after the Laser hair Removal to avoid rubbing or irritation.

You have to avoid heavy exercises, sauna, gym activities, etc for a day or two as these activities would increase sweating which may irritate the skin more.

Apply sunscreen every 2 to 3 hours, and minimize direct sun exposure and fake tanning for at least a month following your Laser Hair Removal treatment to prevent pigmentation and sun damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Laser Hair Removal a Permanent Solution?

Yes, It is. It takes few sessions to get rid of the hair completely. However, in case of hormonal changes or other external factors, there might be some hair growth which can be handled with a touch up session once a year or as required.

How is Laser Hair Removal different from other hair removal methods?

The popular hair removal methods like shaving, waxing, hair removal creams are only temporary fixes. Not to forget they are often inconvenient, painful, and irritating to the skin. Waxing is painful and hair removal creams are full of chemicals. Shaving causes ingrown hairs, and so the list goes on about temporary hair removal methods. Laser hair removal is invasive, chemical free, and long-lasting solution to remove unwanted hair on every and each body area.

Does Laser Hair Removal hurt?

Contrary to popular notion, Laser hair removal is absolutely painless. You just feel a heat on the body part treated and that’s it.

What is the interval between two sessions of Laser Hair Removal?

It depends on your hair growth. In most cases, it’s 3 to 4 weeks.

Why laser hair removal cost is more than other methods?

This is a myth: Laser hair removal cost is cheap when you calculate the time involved. The results are permanent so your expense is one-time unlike other hair removal methods.

What precautions should I take during the process?

Avoid sun exposure and also do not go for waxing or hair removal creams. You can shave anyways to maintain the skin smoothness.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment Procedure

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