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Skin Whitening Injections (Glutathione Injection)

Skin Whitening involves getting rid of dark complexion, dark marks, skin blemishes and scars. However, there are several treatments that can be used in getting a smooth and fair skin that include the following;

  • Use of skin lightening pills
  • Use of skin whitening supplements
  • Use of skin whitening injections (Glutathione Injection)
  • Use of skin lightening surgery
  • Skin whitening cream
  • skin whitening soap

All these factors affects the individuals choice as it depends on various factors such as cost, effective ness, availability as well as the side effects. There are ingredients that are added to these skin lightening products that can be part of the reason that determines an individual’s choice of the method for skin lightening.

Hydroquinone which is a strong skin bleaching substance has been reported to have caused serious and severe skin problems and disorders. Products with high levels of this substance are thus unsafe to use and has been prohibited in many countries

It should be noted that skin whitening Glutathione Injection produce instant results as compared to all other forms of skin whitening methods that include creams, pills and use of skin whitening home remedies. Bleaching creams can scar, irritate, damage or discolor the composition of the skin.

The intravenous method is involved in the use of ingredients like the Intravenous vitamins that usually excludes vitamin A, some other safe minerals and amino acids that include the use of glutathione. Before any of the mentioned ingredient is used, it must be approved by the relevant regulatory bodies.

As every person desire to be light in complexion and with a good skin. There are several methods that can used to lighten the skin. Some individuals are in love with the natural ways of becoming beautiful while most others prefer the use of cosmetics that are produced by several other cosmetic companies which at times use natural ingredients. Such products as skin lightening lotions, soaps, pills and injections. Compared to other products, they give the best results and permanently.

The skin lightening process of Glutathione injection removes all kinds of blemishes and skin pigmentation Such as black spots caused by whiteheads removal scars on skin, white spots on face and patches.The lightening also gives more moisture and flexibility.

Skin whitening Glutathione Injection can also help in removing of the skin lines and wrinkles. This injection usually contains the ingredient of Glutathione that acts as an antioxidant. Glutathione injection is very much popular in Asian countries and there are various celebrities that use this type of injections so as to get fair skin. Glutathione injection can however be recommended only by experts and well qualified dermatologists.

One common misconception that happens to people who require skin whitening – at least in the United States — is that you have to have bad and broken skin to use them. However, the intravenous can be extremely be of importance for people that would just prefer a slightly lighter complexion than they have. In fact, many women that have flawless skin use skin whitening Glutathione injection on a regular basis to help maintain their excellent complexion.

Skin whitening Glutathione Injection can also give people with minor skin imperfections an overall better look by reducing the appearance of red spots and any rough patches that may exist.

While skin whitening Glutathione Injection is most commonly used by women looking to whiten their skin, it may have a beneficial effect for women that have cystic acne, acne-prone skin or even the occasional breakout.

Skin whitening Glutathione Injection won’t help hormone-related acne in most cases since it doesn’t affect hormone levels in the body like birth control pills or injections, which are commonly prescribed for women with hormonal acne.

Skin whitening Glutathione Injection isn’t known for its health benefits, but it is an all-natural chain of amino acids that your body needs. While more research needs to be done, there is some evidence that are subjected to this could actually help to improve a weak immune system or make a healthy immune system even stronger by use of such ingredients as glutathione.

Skin whitening products are commercially available for cosmetic purposes in order to obtain a lighter skin appearance. They are also utilized for clinical treatment of pigmentary disorders such as melasma or post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Whitening agents act at various levels of melanin production in the skin. Many of them are known as competitive inhibitors of tyrosinase, the key enzyme in melanogenesis.

Others inhibit the maturation of this enzyme or the transport of pigment granules (melanosomes) from melanocytes to surrounding keratinocytes. In this review we present an overview of (natural) whitening products that may decrease skin pigmentation by their interference with the pigmentary processes.

Skin whitening Glutathione Injection may involve the use of one or more of the substances like tranexamic acid, glutathione, vitamin C and vitamin E. The purported cosmetic purposes of the Glutathione injection procedure include skin whitening, anti-wrinkle and scar removal.

During the procedure, the skin of the targeted injection area will be cleaned and the above substance(s) will be injected into the body in the form of intravenous infusion or intradermal injection.

It is purported that the anti-oxidant effect of vitamin C, vitamin E or glutathione can counteract the adverse effect of free radicals to the skin. Tranexamic acid inhibits the synthesis of melanin in melanocytes, and so, may be able to treat hyperpigmentation. However, there is limited scientific evidence from medical literature to support the effectiveness of this procedure


‘*Results may vary’.

Glutathione Injection:

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